Home Water Filter

The Home Water filter has 2 water storage tanks, and uses 1 candle-type filter to deliver clean water through 1 tap. The filter has a flow rate of 2-4 liters per hour. The filter is designed as a point-of-use filter in Homes and can be used in other public places. The filter element is impregnated with silver in order to increase the bacterial removal efficiency of the filter and to reduce the recontamination risk of stored filtered water. The unit is very easy to use and to clean.

ENEWA EN 4Features

One ceramic filter element from diatomaceous earth with silver impregnation and activated carbon.

Removal of more than 99.99% of disease causing bacteria and bad taste

Ceramic filter elements tested by independent certified Dutch laboratory

One tap


Strong storage vessel for contaminated water, 10 liters

Strong storage vessel for filtered water, 10 liters

Purifies 100-140 liters / week

Total capacity till 3.000 to 7.000 liters (depending on the amount of dirt in the water)

Scrub pad for cleaning ceramic filter included 

Washable pre filter included, protecting the ceramic filters for premature clogging when using dirty water

Plastic end of life indicator included to indicate when ceramic element have to be replaced

Replacement ceramic filter element is easy to install